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Empower your life and heal your body.

Real nourishment goes deeper than calorie counting. In this one on one session we will explore your health goals and set you up with a personal Road Map for Health.

Nothing is insignificant, your body is wise. In this session you will finally feel heard. Your session gives you access to Clinical Supplements as well as Specialised Testing.

Get on the road to true vitality!

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30 Day Mind Body Reset

May 15 – June 14, 2017

The 30 Day Mind Body Reset is a guided online nutrition protocol designed to give your body a break from toxins and allow you to awaken to a new level of energy and balance.

Guided by Certified Holistic Nutritionist Sita Huber this online program will include live weekly webinars and cover in depth learning about hormones, thyroid and adrenal fatigue while focusing on the use of medicinal food to support cellular detox and deep healing.

$195 AU Spaces are Limited. BOOK NOW

Beauty Fuel Diet E-Book

 New E-Book!

The Beauty Fuel Diet is a game changer.

You will get all the top model secrets plus Sita’s bonus Soup Cleanse Guidelines. Learn why food really is your secret weapon.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am!!! All these food tips and everything has me so hooked on health!! I literally love food so much and see all the benefits both physically and mentally. Thank you for all your guidance Sita!!”

xxxx – Aleyna

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About Sita Huber

Holistic Nutritionist, BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Founder of Mind Body IQ, Host of Eat in Love and Nutrition Director for new wellness platform Benny Button. Sita is a passionate speaker and thought leader with a breadth of experience and knowledge that spans clinical practise, sales, marketing and leadership. 

“Authentic as hell, bloody enthusiastic and able to answer any question!”

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