Sita offers a range of online programs including the 30 Day Mind Body Reset  (next one starts Oct 2) and the 10 Day Beauty Fuel Detox which will launch in November.

With these incredibly well designed programs you can work with Sita from anywhere in the world and at any stage of your health journey. Sita genuinely cares about your health and her programs take you through easy to understand information, while at the same time empowering you with up to date knowledge in a Functional Medicine framework.

Even doctors and health professionals are signing up to learn Sita’s incredibly balanced and insightful approach to achieving biochemical and emotional resilience with nutrition and lifestyle.

“Very informative and helpful! Your nutrition info is amazing!” – Dr. Randy Lundell, DO, Functional Medicine






A comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan to heal adrenals, hormones, thyroid, gut issues and metabolism. Includes a 30 minute 1:1. ($195)

Find out more about the 30 Day Mind Body Reset

Based on the Beauty Fuel Diet created for Australia’s Next Top Model. Includes Beauty Fuel Diet E-book and diet plan.