Have you been wanting to clean up your diet and eat better because you have a feeling it will make a big difference in your life? Well, good news! Curiousity about health and openness to learn more is an amazing first step.

I’ve got just the thing you need to get this desire into action, and my loves you can forget about going hungry. I’m going to teach you how to eat to feel satisfied, happy and calm. Your emotional body matters too, and in fact it’s very wise. So we’ll be tapping that intuition and teaching you how to choose the right foods without the stress of calorie counting.

This easy 10 Day Beauty Fuel Detox will help you get into your own flow with food, and feel the benefits from the inside out. This is the diet plan I created originally for Australia’s Next Top Model, and the girls were thrilled about this whole hearted, holistic approach to eating. My philosophy is “nourishment not punishment”, and in the 10 Day Beauty Fuel Detox, you will get to understand how this works.

This inside out approach to beauty shares with you my practical and scientific knowledge, gathered and refined over 10 years as a Internationally Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Here’s what participants will receive:

  • A proper and strategic detox off sugar and toxins
  • Practical tools on how to be fully nourished eating beautiful food
  • A shopping list and daily meal plan with delicious gluten free recipes
  • Expert information about beauty products and supplements
  • Knowledge about foods and nutrients for skin, anti aging, acne, hair and nails
  • Live 1 hour Webinar at the beginning and end of program (it’s recorded in case you can’t make the time)
  • A full (and flexible) diet plan, recipes and shopping list
  • Understanding about the important role of your gut, liver and kidneys for proper detoxing
  • A copy of the Beauty Fuel e-book
  • Opportunity to be part of our closed Beauty Fuel facebook community for ongoing inspiration beyond the program completion

To register please join the waiting list. You will then be contacted with the program itinerary and date once confirmed.

Any questions contact connect@mindbodyiq.com.au