Adrenocortex Stress Profile – Extensive


  • 24 Hour Salivary Hormone Collection Test (no needles!)
  • Includes the hormones DHEA, Cortisol and sIgA
  • Collection kit includes 4 x 5 ml Saliva Tubes with instructions
  • Test kits are mailed to your home with a return express envelope


The adrenal hormones are the perfect place to look for answers when it comes to unexplained and prolonged fatigue. Many people who push through long periods of stress end up with various levels of adrenal exhaustion and unfortunately most don’t quite understand where to start healing this delicate system.

By booking this test you will gain access to valuable information that will enable you to support your body in the right ways, and give you greater understanding about the impact of stress. You can then start to connect the dots to any other areas of your health that you may be struggling with, as we know in functional medicine, everything is connected.


How it will work:

After you book you will receive an email consultation from qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Sita Huber, to ensure this is the right test for you. Then after the test you will have a follow up with Sita to explain what the results mean and your options moving forward.

Common conditions associated with adrenal insufficiency include: fatigue, waking at night, inability to fall asleep, inability to sleep when tired, low immunity, heart palpitations, dizziness upon standing, anxiety and depression, weight gain or loss.



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