Genetic Testing


Full range of Genetic DNA Testing available. Go to to view testing options or email for patient brochures. Unlimited testing included in Mind Body IQ service and consultation fee.


Genetic testing allows us to uncover our predisposed DNA patterns that may influence our health and wellbeing. It is a complete roadmap to your inner chemistry.

A full range of tests are available at

Mind Body IQ charges a service and consultation fee of $150 AU and this includes test ordering and interpretation with a short consultation over the phone to discuss results.

How this works.

Once payment is received you will receive a New Client Form from Mind Body IQ and we will discuss your testing options. Payment for tests is made direct to Nutripath for any tests ordered and results are sent to Mind Body IQ. You will be contacted to discuss the tests when results are in. Expect 2-3 weeks total time to complete this process.

Any questions email