Male Hormone Profile


  • Salivary Hormone Collection Test (no needles!)
  • Includes the hormones Estrone, Estradiol, DHEA, Androstenedione, DHT and Testosterone plus ratios
  • Collection kit includes 1 x 5ml Saliva Tube with instructions
  • Test kits are mailed to your home with a return express envelope


The aging male experiences drops in testosterone of 10% per decade from age 30. This reduction of testosterone and other androgens has been named Andropause or androgen deficiency of the aging male (ADAM).

Male hormones are greatly influenced by diet and lifestyle and yet many men don’t think about fine tuning this area to make sure everything is on track. Low testosterone can have a big impact on overall well being, and for many men being able to finally trace their low mood,  or libido back to a root cause is life changing. In addition testosterone influences cardiovascular disease and has a role in prostate disorders.

Importantly we also live in a day in age with so many hormone disrupters in foods and the environment, so there is more often than not something out of balance. Only through seeing the whole picture can we make amends in the body and start the road to fuelling the body in the way it needs.

Common conditions associations with androgen deficiency include: poor memory and focus, fatigue, anxiety and depression, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss or weakness, low libido, low immunity, prostate cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, male pattern balding


How it works: 

After you book you will receive an email consultation from qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Sita Huber, to ensure this is the right test for you. Then after the test you will have a follow up with Sita to explain what the results mean and your options moving forward.


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