Full Consultation


  • 1 hour one on one session
  • Will cover your health history and goals
  • You will receive test recommendations, supplement, diet and lifestyle advice

Outside Melbourne sessions will be on video call. Inner Melbourne sessions ask me about home visits or in person options.


Functional Medicine Nutrition is more than a diet plan. This is your fully customised roadmap to better health.

The session includes an in-depth 1:1 to discuss your goals and history, then we will create a personalised supplement, eating and lifestyle plan.  This will be based on getting to the root cause of your symptoms, using diet therapeutically to support the body to heal, repair and thrive.

Suitable for patients with: hormone imbalance, IBS, autoimmunity, infertility, acne, bloating and digestive issues, fatigue, thyroid issues, cancer, slow metabolism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, skin. conditions or any diagnosis they would like to understand more about nutritional relevance.

Functional and genetic testing options will be discussed and recommended as needed. Please note the tests ordered through Mind Body IQ are different to conventional medicine tests.

This session is suitable for someone who wants a personalised plan, and is either new to alternative health care or has seen other practitioners and is looking for further clarity. If you book a Full Consultation and receive a personal plan, you may still want to do a full immersion online diet protocol which is a form of education with webinars, recipe books and guidebooks. Have a look at the Mind Body Reset (30 day) or The Mindful Detox (10 day).

Note: During either of the online programs you can upgrade to 45 minute 1:1 sessions for $59.

Testing sessions are $59 if required (plus test costs) – this is 20 min session to discuss results.

Additional 45 min follow up sessions are $89 as per your personal request.




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