Mind Body Master Class – 3 Class Pass



Love learning about health, nutrition and the latest up to date science? Want to continue your learning and become the expert in your own health?

Whether you have done the Mind Body Reset, participated in another health program or are a health professional yourself, the Mind Body Master Classes are guaranteed to teach you something new! We will go in depth into interesting Functional Medicine topics such as gut healing, hormone balance, healthy periods, performance supplements, bio-hacking, anti-aging science, exercise and recovery, mental health, foods to support anxiety, emotional wellbeing and SO MUCH MORE!!

Transform your health through education.

How does the 3 Class Pass work?

Buy the 3 pass class and choose any 3 webinars over 12 months. PLUS the best part is you will receive a 1:1 30 minute session with Sita Huber after each webinar! Perfect for those of you looking for personalised guidance while you continue learning on your health journey and build up a solid knowledge base so you can keep navigating the often confusing marketplace.


Mind Body Master Classes will feature a different health / webinar HOT topic EVERY MONTH. This is about empowering you with knowledge, and continued learning, motivation, and inspiration. You can use the session to discuss anything you want! Questions about your diet, supplements, information you have heard or been told from another practitioner. Anything.

Sita will encourage you to LEAN IN to your health journey. Be CURIOUS. ASK QUESTIONS! Be diligent in your RESEARCH! It’s your health and it’s your body you will live in FOREVER. Let’s look after YOU!

With the 3 Class Pass you can book your Master Classes individually whenever you see a topic that interests. And if you miss a Live Webinar you will be able to buy the recording. Easy. Flexible. All for you. Sita’s clients asked for this format! They are hungry to learn, and Sita believes they deserve to KNOW MORE than what the standard health system gives them.

BUY NOW and you will receive all the information you need to BOOK YOUR FIRST MASTERCLASS.

BUYING FOR A FRIEND? Easy. You will have an option to provide their details and they will receive a lovely personal note from you in the welcome email.

NOTE: The 3 class pass is valid for 12 months from time of purchase and you will receive a monthly email (until you no longer want it) so you can know about topics and choose.