Period Session


Your Period Session with Sita will help you:

~ Get clear about your own period symptoms and what to do about it
~ Learn why your period is a ‘vital sign’ and understand how your body’s cycle is speaking to you every month about what is happening in other areas of the body
~ Learn the top foods to help you rebalance your hormones naturally
~ Get advice on herbs and supplements for your individual needs

Includes access to special recorded Webinar and one on one Consultation with Sita.


Period Sessions are a journey into our feminine wisdom. Most women don’t know enough about their periods and they are missing out on incredible clues about the state of their health. Find out more about your body including the 5 types of periods, oestrogen dominance, remedies for cramps and bloating, and why you really shouldn’t even have to deal with PMS.

All registrants will receive:

  • Access to a special recorded webinar where Sita will take you through a wealth of information about your own period, hormone imbalances and signs and symptoms to pay attention to.
  • A one on one 30 minute consult with Sita via Skype or other video communication, where you will get to chat to Sita about your own period and get qualified advice about food, supplements and lifestyle changes you can do now to help your body become better balanced
  • This session is a great starter point for anyone wanting to experience better health. Hormones are the key and they truly are a vital sign!
  • Note: consultations must be redeemed within 30 days after webinar. Times will be made available weekday mornings, evenings and weekends.
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