Reset Upgrade



Get a head start with a personalised plan plus education.

Many of you have started to collect knowledge with some form of diagnosis or treatment at some point in time. And even though you have started, you likely still have questions. What now? For how long? What does this information really mean? And most importantly, how do I implement it?

You want to continue to progress.

The Mind Body Reset program is the educational foundation for you to be best equipped on the health journey. It has been created to address the many ‘gaps’ between being told what to do and actually being able to do it. It gives you more undertanding of healing, detoxification and solid nutrition all while guiding you through a therapeutic diet protocol.

The Reset runs seasonally 4 times per year, and is a 37 day commitment with about an hour a week required to work through the content.

The Reset is for everyone, it’s the base for us to work from and allows you to understand so much more about your body and natural medicine. After the Reset there is an option to continue learning and working 1:1 as many of you have longer term goals and are looking for that next level of personalised guidance through it all.

Now I’m excited to offer a new package for those of you wanting to get started on the Reset early. The addition of a Full Consultation will give you another level of clarity by personalising your everyday diet, supplements and taking you through potential testing that may be necessary.

It will allow you to start right away, with the Reset program a continuation of what we begin.

The Upgraded Reset package includes everything in the Full Consultataion as well as the Mind Body Reset, (including an additional 30 min 1:1), at a savings of $39.

You can book the Reset Upgrade anytime and get started immediately on your Reset journey!

After your Full Consultation you will receive a diet plan, as well as access to Reset Recipes and Resources to give you a big head start.