The Mindful Detox




Craving a little break to help you get your health back on track? Wary of marketing gimmicks? Good. You should be! That said, your body’s detoxification can get a real boost, but we need to focus on the science vs the belief.  The truth is nothing can make you ‘clean and pure’ . We are of the earth, we are full of bacteria, we eat food from the dirt (and those bugs help us survive) and we are part of nature. Our bodies have in built intelligence to keep everything functioning well, and we ‘clean’ everyday via the bowels, skin, lymph, lungs and kidneys. Even the brain cleans itself when we sleep.

Being clean is not about buying a product or doing a secret magical thing. It is about understanding what your body needs, and doing that, while artfully and strategically avoiding ‘the noise’ – marketing, packaging, misinformation and a constant onslaught of ‘franken-foods’ that are literally hi-jacking our better judgment. We are wired for pleasure, and we are always in a rush, and this is exactly why your body literally cannot detox without also being mindful. Welcome to the Mindful Detox. We all need this extra bit of support and tlc now and then. Give yourself the gift of time and focus.

Learn how to truly support your mind and body, and get your health feeling in natural flow again.

The Mindful Detox includes:

  • a 10 day eating plan that eliminates sugar and gluten and teaches you the right amount and types of fats to eat to and how they switch on detoxification (yes, fats actually do that!)
  • A daily motivational email with extra tips and inspiration to keep you on track
  • A 3 day soup cleanse protocol with recipes (optional)
  • Guidance to start using Intermittent Fasting safely and effectively
  • A list of supplements that will help boost your natural detoxification
  • Protocol to ‘Weed, Feed and Seed’ your gut to improve digestion and wellbeing
  • Delicious sugar and gluten free desserts you will love!
  • PLUS you will receive 2 x 30 minute recorded videos that will teach you a holistic approach to how detoxification works covering the liver, gut, skin and lymphatics and the role of rest and mindfulness in helping to support your best health.

The Winter Mindful Detox will run from July 2-12. Sign up early (before June 15) and receive The Mindful Hormones kit ($39 value) as a bonus!

Any questions (or if you would like to do the Winter Mindful Detox and the Winter Mind Body Reset), email