Thyroid Profile



Thyroid abnormalities have become a quiet epidemic worldwide. The thyroid has just one job, however, it is one of the most important jobs for the body to function properly. The thyroid makes hormones that regulate the energy level, growth, and reproduction of every cell of your body. That means your brain, heart, lungs, liver, skin, tissues and other body parts depend on your thyroid to stay ‘powered up’ and active, and to remain healthy by generating new cells to replace old ones.

They thyroid profile extensive is a hormone test designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of thyroid hormone metabolism. It includes central thyroid gland regulation and activity, thyroid production and secretion, peripheral thyroid conversion, and thyroid autoimmunity. The Extensive thyroid panel allows the practitioner to pinpoint common imbalances that may be causing chronic illnesses.

Most General Practitioner’s do not test for a comprehensive thyroid panel, and if you’ve previously told your thyroid is fine, they probably only ever looked at your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). This is why we most thyroid cases are not properly diagnosed.

Price: $275 (inclusive) – does not include blood collection fees


How it works:

After you book you will receive an email consultation from qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Sita Huber, to ensure this is the right test for you. Then after the test you will have a follow up with Sita to explain what the results mean and your options moving forward.

Common conditions associated with thyroid disorders include: anxiety, feeling cold, fatigue, depression and anxiety, thinning hair, weight gain or weight loss, poor concentration, dry skin.



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