Functional Medicine Nutritionist + Founder of Mind Body IQ + Co-Creator and tv Host of Eat in Love

Sita is a passionate speaker and thought leader with a breadth of experience and knowledge that spans clinical practise, health media and leadership. Sita radiates a healthy lifestyle and brings back a sense of ease and natural flow to healthy living.

Sita is on a personal mission to help people understand what they just googled!

With so much noise and confusion in the market Sita believes we need to relearn what we think health is. Science has changed everything and we haven’t rewritten the books. Let’s have a bigger conversation.

Your body is not faulty, food is not the enemy. Your body is smart.

Sita is a clinically qualified Functional Medicine Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and has featured in the Lululemon Lifestyle Blog, Mind Body Green, Smiling Mind Blog, Yum. Gluten Free, Thrive Global, WA Today, The Sydney Morning Herald, Headspace, I Am Woman, The Love Destination Expert Series, Nourish and Nature & Health magazines.