My experience is that the journey of healing is the journey back to self.

The way in which we approach our health speaks volumes about the way we show up in life. Impacting our work, our loved ones, our selves.
My intention is that you learn how powerful of a medicine food is, and that healthy vibrant eating becomes the centre of your world, because it is from this very centre that you will be able to draw all your strength and resilience.
And ultimately, achieve your greatest dreams.

Be seen. Be brave. Be free.

My healing journey has unfolded as I’ve peeled back the layers of identify and belief. I have discovered that our internal world is shaped by our outer, and we can become any version of ourself by embracing the whole story; emotional, physical and spiritual. Nothing comes to us that we cannot handle. Every problem is solvable. Every problem is here to teach. When we ground in our health, and learn to listen to our bodies rather than denying, depriving and forcing them to behave differently, we take back our power. Our bodies are intuitive, sensitive and smarter than any authority.

“Very informative and helpful!! You’re nutrition information is amazing!” – Dr Randy Lundell

Hi, I’m Sita Huber. I’m a Functional Medicine Nutritionist with a bachelor of health science in Nutritional Medicine. I have worked in the health industry across different areas for nearly 15 years. I’m the founder of Mind Body IQ, an online functional nutrition practise that helps patients get to the root cause of their symptoms by addressing the underlying biochemical imbalance, utilising genetic and advanced methods of clinical testing, and encouraging self reflection alongside empowered education. I work with patients to support their mental, physical and emotional health using supplements, diet and lifestyle.

Over the last year I’ve been working on a tv show with The Love Destination called Eat in Love – food with benefits. It is a fun exploration into the impact of health on our relationships, and the role of food in effectively our happiness, sexual satisfaction and fertility. I am also the host of the show which in itself has been an incredibly empowering experience. I used to be very shy!

2 years ago I was selected as the nutritionist for Australia’s Next Top Model season 10 where I worked closely with the contestants, encouraging self love and a ‘nourishment not punishment’ mindset. It was ground breaking.  The girls loved the freedom brought by understanding how their bodies work, not just being told what to do. I created the Beauty Fuel Workshop for the show and from there evolved this to become The Whole Package, an advanced workshop which explores the cultivation of beauty at a deeper, intracellular level, and focuses on embodying healing to ultimately achieve aesthetic.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am!!! All these food tips and everything has me so hooked on health!! I literally love the food so much and see all the benefits both physically and mentally. Thank you for all your guidance Sita!” – Aleyna Fitzgerald, winner Australia’s Next Top Model, Season 10

Prior to this I worked in business development and managing partnerships for health companies. I’ve worked across regulatory guidelines, import and export, distribution and different sales channels as well as health marketing. My greatest insights into my nutrition practise though, were gained through leadership and management. I discovered this was my special something, to be able to put into words what others found complex, and to ensure that the people that were in my team understood what they needed to, that they were empowered and supported. Without previous training I became adept at writing manuals and developing processes for anything and everything that a business needed. I’ve since applied this skillset to the creation of my online programs and written content. I see the last 10 years since I finished my degree as an unofficial masters of sorts. Learning how to communicate what I learned from textbooks into a relatable format.  No one wants to hear the dry facts. I also gained invaluable insights in the health industry itself, and I understand the real challenges consumers face.

Earlier in my career, I had the honour of being the  referred practitioner for author Kristen Morrison. Her book ‘Naturally Better Kids’,  was a global success and I was able to consult with the parents of children with Down’s Syndrome that wanted to follow her lead. Kristin’s son Gryffin is now 10 years old and is thriving with DS because of her nutritional interventions.

The nutrition landscape is challenging, and with this opportunity for us to all evolve what we think we know. My goal is to help health professionals, along with the general public, understand the science behind functional medicine. Much of our science is genuinely out of date, and we haven’t rewritten the books. This is why nutrition is so confusing and politically charged. It takes an average of 17 years for up to date science to make into mainstream practise. That’s too long. In order for us to achieve better health outcomes, we need to elevate the quality of our information, and we need to integrate the modalities so that patients can access everything they need together, holistically.

My online signature program is the Mind Body Reset and this runs a few times a year. It is built on functional medicine principles of getting to the root cause, and empowering through education. With all the misaligned nutrition trends, it provides an invaluable ‘middle ground’ for therapeutic diet application.

Based in Melbourne, I can work with patients 1:1 anywhere in the world

I occasionally take on business consulting projects, writing manuals of course.


Sita has previously featured in Mind Body Green, Smiling Mind, Yum. Gluten Free, the lululemon blog, WA Today, The Sydney Morning Herald, Headspace, I Am Woman, The Love Destination Expert Series, Nourish, Thrive Global and Nature & Health magazines.

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