Nutritionist for Australia’s Next Top Model Season 10Created the Original Beauty Fuel Workshop & Diet Plans for Contestants

“Thank you thank you thank you! We loved meeting you and having such great food advice. Since meeting you and doing the Beauty Fuel Workshop my body is feeling so good and healthy!” – ANTM Contestant, age 16

“Oh my goodness!!! I thought I would be bored but this information is amazing! How come we don’t learn this stuff in school? That would be so cool.” ANTM Contestant, age 17

Aleyna Fitzgerald, Ongoing Client, Winner ANTM Season 10

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am!!! All these food tips and everything has me so hooked on health!! I literally love the food so much and see all the benefits both physically and mentally. Thank you for all your guidance Sita!” – Aleyna

Georgie Upton, Participant of Beauty Fuel Workshop, Nutrition Student

“Sita, I really can’t tell you how amazing last night was for me! Listening to you is so empowering and incredibly insighful! I absolutely love hearing your perspective on nutrition and how we should treat our own bodies. The ideas, beliefs and philosophies that you have around (as you said) this noisy area in our lives is pretty incredible and is somthing that i hope to adopt more and more into my life! I truly mean it when I say that you are really someone I look up to as a nutrition student and a young lady. Not just for your holistic nutriional knowleedge but also embracing that yourself, and as a resul having the most incredible beauty and vibe! I absolutely can’t wait to hear you speak at absolutely any other events or amazing workshops you put on!” – Georgie