Mind Body IQ integrates the evidence-based science of nutrition and mindset



We raise the bar on your health.

Your relationship with food is the foundation that creates your health. Our goal is to help you get back to your own intuitive connection with your body. It is not easy in today’s modern world. Marketing and media have bombarded us and given us so many obstacles.

 We are lifestyle education.

Our approach to your health is different.  Education is what’s missing from today’s health care system. We will guide you in a way that puts you back in the drivers seat, and give you expert insider tips to help you succeed.

We see you as a whole person.

We look at your whole being in a holistic way, and bring back harmony. Nutrition and mindset are both equally important. We can’t just feed you healthy food if it doesn’t fit on a mental and emotional level. Our approach supports the mind and the body connection and encourages self love.