Welcome to the science, intelligence and sophistication of Functional Medicine. Healing your biochemistry through education-based services and grounded conversation.

Mind Body IQ is a functional nutrition practise that helps patients get to the root cause of their symptoms by addressing the underlying biochemical imbalance. Rewire your metabolism to reduce cravings, heal your hormones, stabilise your emotions, enhance your beauty, and improve your mental health by reducing inflammation in the body. Utilising nutrition and lifestyle alongside genetic and advanced methods of clinical testing, Mind Body IQ programs and services encourage self awareness and integrate a myriad of mental, physical, intuitive and emotional health and wellbeing insights for lasting, embodied change.
Radical health transformation starts here. We need a bigger conversation to unravel this sticky web.

We need to remember our inherent truth, our body intelligence. We need to empower our biochemistry, and return to a state of natural ease and flow.

 Mind Body IQ brings you the latest research in nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness. This scientific and functional approach medicine cuts through the noise, wish wash and misinformation, and empowers you to navigate the noise.

Through education and well-rounded health conversation you will learn to understand your own body, it’s own language and how to listen to it’s innate wisdom.

Your body is not faulty, food is not the enemy.

Your body is smart.