Welcome to Mind Body IQ’s education-based services. Cultivating wisdom for your continued learning and healing.

Why education is key.

The bottom line is that you are the number one person in your life that cares the most about your own health. You are the one who is in your body every single day, listening to the feedback. You are the one that needs to become the expert in YOUR OWN BODY. You are the one that needs to collect, curate and implement the learning.

Are you intrigued by nutrition and health and passionate about learning?




Enjoy reading and researching but not sure which information is correct?




Feel like it’s too much to handle all this information on your own?





Your Mind Body IQ Learning Journey

Starts here.


FOUNDATION PROGRAM –  MIND BODY RESET– The foundation program. No matter where you are on your learning journey, everyone will benefit from the Mind Body Reset. This program will guide you through how the body works, what food does, how to detox properly, the principles of healing and  SO much more. Key learning for anyone who owns a body

ADVANCED LEARNING Option 1 – MIND BODY MASTER CLASSES – Keep the conversation going! Created by popular demand by those of you who took the Mind Body Reset and wanted to continue on, these classes provide extra support for those of you wanting to go further, maintain some structure and have that extra support on hand. The master classes are 1 hour webinars plus a 30 minute 1:1 session that delve deeper into interesting topics and will keep you empowered, engaged, and curious about your health and your body. 

ADVANCED LEARNING Option 2  – THE WHOLE PACKAGE. A SMART BODY EVENT –  Interactive Workshop – An important BIGGER conversation about longevity, epigenetics, lifestyle and beauty. Learn about the in depth workings of the body and how this all relates to the one thing we see; beauty. This workshop will link together anything you learned in the Reset AND take it to a whole other level!


SUPPORT FOR LEARNING: 1:1 consultations (which include integrative pathology sessions) are also available to support those of you with deeper health concerns. These are also a great source of learning and ideal for clarifying what you have learned giving you extra guidance and conversation to think everything through and understand what to do with the information you have learned.


Q: Do I need to understand health to participate?

A: No. The Mind Body IQ curriculum suits any level of knowledge.


Q: I’m a health professional. Is it ok if I take the programs?

A: The Mind Body IQ curriculum is centred in a specialty area of Functional Medicine and Nutrition in particular. Doctors and health professionals have all found the modules very informative and interesting and have said they learned a lot.


Q: Will there be tests?

A: No. This is elective learning and it’s up to you how to approach it.


Q: Can I repeat the programs?

A: Yes. The programs are designed to lay a foundation, then build on top of that. Repetition is a great strategy for learning and helping information stick.


Q: What kind of stuff will I learn?

A: The Mind Body IQ philosophy is holistic, evidence-based and centred in lifestyle medicine. You will learn about  basic biochemistry and biology as well as how food, supplements and mindset impact all of this. You will also gain an important understanding of the health marketplace and how this impacts information you are commonly exposed to.


Q: Can I participate from outside Australia?

A: Yes. The programs and content are all available internationally.


In summary.

It is recommended that you do the MIND BODY RESET to understand how your body works, what food is doing and why we are going on and on about health. This program will shape your future health.

For those of you wanting to keep momentum, then sign up for the Master Classes and come along to The Whole Package event. OR start with a Master Class or the Workshop. It will all count towards your learning!

You also have access to extra support in the form of 1:1 sessions available to you as needed.

Questions? email connect@mindbodyiq.com.au